St. Luke's Academy

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In Transit Students

SHORT-TERM STUDENTS/VISITORS (not applicable to registered full time students) Our classification of a “Short-term student” is a student who is enrolled for less than 3 complete terms or 1 full academic year. (September – July).

School opens at 7:30am, classes are 8am – 3pm and we offer free after care to 4pm Monday – Friday.

We are a whole day school and parents may pick up

  • Montessori students: 2:30pm 3pm or 4pm.
  • Primary students: 3pm or 4pm.

Please note that the half day pick up at 11:30am for Toddlers is at the parent’s discretion and there are no reductions in fees offered.

FEES For all classes


  • Fee for a week or part thereof up to 3 weeks $300BDS


  • Fee per month (3 + to 4wks) $1000BDS


  • Fee $4000BDS


If a student attends 4+ weeks they are required to pay a full term’s fees. Additionally if there are any short weeks due to public holidays or school given days off the parents are still required to pay for the entire week. If a parent is only looking for a day or 2 per week, they will be required to pay for the week in full. It is not our policy to break down the weeks into days attended, as you are paying for the space. We do not break up the term’s fees into weeks or days for full time students.