St. Luke's Academy

Inspiring Excellence

Tuition Scheme

School Year 2023-2024

Application & Screening Fee $250.00 A one-time fee is due upon submission Application Form. Screening may be done as a trial day or during the first week of enrollment.

Building Levy Fee $2,500.00. A one-time fee is due upon acceptance.


Montessori Department

Tuition is inclusive of the Enrichment Programme & resources fee.

  • National Students:  $2,690.00
  • Caricom Students:  $3,910.00
  • International Students:  $3,690.00

Primary Department

Tuition is inclusive of the Enrichment Programme, resources fee, Swimming Fee + Swimming transportation fee.

  • National Students:  $2,690.00
  • Caricom Students:  $3,190.00
  • International Students:  $3,690.00

Short Term Students enroled for 1 year or less in the Montessori Class or Primary Department.

Student must be enroled for a minimum of 2 full academic terms up to 3 terms or 1 full academic year. For more information please contact our admissions department.

All prices are quoted in Barbados Dollars.

Fees are subject to change at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

2023-2024 Tuition Payment Schedule

Tuition is due one term in advance. Parents/guardians are to make payments to the office in full by the due date or make payment arrangements in writing.
We accept local cheques made out to St. Luke’s Montessori Ltd., direct payment to our local CIBC FCIB bank account, we are a vendor listed on the CIBC FCIB online banking platform, money transfers and or debit/ credit card transactions (in office).
All payment schedules should be finalized with the office in writing and any changes to payment scheduled with the office in a timely manner.
There are two payment options:

There are two payment options:

1. Annual Tuition: due by September 10th for newly enrolled students. For currently
enrolled students this will be due July 1st. This is a one-time payment covering
three terms of tuition.
2. Termly tuition: Term 1 starting in September is to be received on or before May
20th. Term 2 starting in January is due September 7th and Term 3 starting in April
is due by January 20th.

* There is a late fee of $200.00BDS for tuition received after the deadline as stated on the invoice.

Short-term Enrolment: The shortest enrolment option is for 1 full Academic Year, which runs, from September to the following July. This fee structure is available upon request.